Month: January 2018

Israeli Ruscus Wreath

Israeli Ruscus Wreath

Have you ever shopped, shopped…and shopped for a specific decor item, and never found the right piece to complete your space? This happens to me ALL THE TIME! Until I finally got up the creativity and energy to do it myself, the frustration is maddening!…

Setting Goals

Setting Goals

2017 came and went. I have no idea what happened, but I blinked and it was over! I’m the type of person that loves Mondays. I love the new beginning, a fresh start, and a clean slate. So naturally, I love the new year and…

Scaling Down:   5 Ways to Slim Down

Scaling Down: 5 Ways to Slim Down

Ever see THAT number on the scale that you thought you’d never see?  I’m THERE!

So, time to do something about it!

I Corinthians 9:25-27 says, if you want the prize – you need a plan.  If you or I don’t have a plan of action, we will find ourselves in the same place in 2019 – who wants that!


  1. Food:

Keep a Food Log – if you eat it, write it down.

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Keep it Clean!  Eat as much clean food as possible.  I know it’s hard.  We live in a society were we live to eat.  Again, eat clean as much as possible.

2.  Water!  I want to drink a gallon of water a day!

It has many benefits for your body.  Number one in my book weight loss!  Take the water challenge!  I love drinking water out of quart jar, because I know I need to drink 4 of those a day.

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I try to drink 2 in the morning (After COFFEE!), one at lunch, and then one before 6:00 PM.  I like to sleep through the night.

3.  Sleep!  7-8 hours a night.  Your body needs it!

4.  Snacks

Favorite Clean Snack:

Apple or Banana with natural Peanut Butter! YUM!


5.  Exercise  Find an activity you enjoy and start doing it.  Walking, running, gym, a challenge, etc. . .

If you love it, you will do it!  Get moving!


Go through this journey with me!

Let me know how your journey is going!

Do something different in 2017!


Mother Hen Five Gift Card Giveaway

Mother Hen Five Gift Card Giveaway

  We wanted to thank our followers for all the support you showed us yesterday during our blog launch! We are hosting a giveaway on our Instagram and Facebook accounts. Head on over to either of these accounts, share the graphic to your personal account,…