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$5 Easter Basket!

$5 Easter Basket!

I have never done an Easter basket for my children yet and really I never received an Easter basket. We always had a big Easter egg hunt with all the cousins (and believe me, that was plenty! We didn’t miss an Easter basket.) This year […]

Baby and Toddler Amazon Gift Guide!

Baby and Toddler Amazon Gift Guide!

I have little toddlers, and after a few Christmases and birthdays, buying the toys gets old…not to mention can cause a lot of clutter! People have gotten us some pretty thoughtful gifts too, as well as toys, but I thought I’d put together a little […]

My Birth Story…and a huge disappointment!

My Birth Story…and a huge disappointment!

It’s hard to believe a whole month has passed since Charity was born!! She is such a good baby! From day one she hasn’t given us a problem! She only fusses for the usual reasons new babies do. (and if anyone knows our Leah, you know this is a TRUE blessing! haha) So we really can’t complain!

I know when I’m nearing a delivery of my baby, I don’t know why, but I love to read birth stories! I’m always curious about other women’s experiences…good and bad! So for anyone interested, here it is!

If you’re not…there’s at least some pictures of a cute baby at the bottom! πŸ˜‰

My due date was Oct. 13. That day came and went and it seemed like she would never come! The doctors were talking induction about 2 days after my due date. I personally just never wanted to do that unless the baby was in real critical danger, which thank the Lord was never the case with any of mine. So I kept insisting I didn’t want that.

I went to the doctors Oct. 23rd and I kept insisting that the last two deliveries went great, I always do fine, they needed to just let me go on my own. They wanted me to go in for an induction that night!! I said I couldn’t because Caleb couldn’t make it. I told them if I HAD to be induced it would have to be Thursday. Sure enough…they scheduled me in for Thursday morning at 7 am. I was not thrilled. I couldn’t sleep well Tuesday night just worrying something might go wrong. I just kept praying (a lot) that’d I’d go into labor before then! I didn’t understand why she hadn’t come by now anyway! haha

Wednesday I was praying all day! I was walking circles around my downstairs trying to walk her out! (again!) I started to feel contractions and it wasn’t like my previous false alarms. I knew THIS WAS IT. Any of you who’ve had babies know that when it’s the real thing you know! ha! I texted my husband around 2:30 pm. and told him that I was having contractions about 15 minutes apart and wasn’t sure if we’d be going to church. (it was a Wednesday) My sister-in-law was to take the older girls when I went into labor so I gave her the heads up too!

I don’t know why, but Caleb and I still planned on going to church even though my contractions were now 10 minutes apart. This is commitment people☺ we gave Hannah and Leah to my SIL and headed off to church! Thinking back now it was kind of dumb, but we didn’t know how fast things would progress and hindsight is 20/20 right?! haha We should’ve known though… both of my previous labor and deliveries never lasted more than 8 hrs!

We’re on the highway, headed to church with hospital bags and baby car seat in the back.  I have my handy contraction timer and they were 7-8 min apart and getting to where I can’t talk through them because I’m trying to focus on breathing!! Caleb said, “You’re gonna go in, play the piano if you can, then we’re rollin’!” I agreed that was a good idea. lol

We get to church, and the contractions were pretty bad…I’m trying to avoid making a big scene. I didn’t want too much attention or too many questions. Especially considering the fact I could barely walk 3 steps without bending over in pain and unable to talk! Everyone was really good though, didn’t need to talk too much. Church started at 6 and we were about 10 min early and I told Caleb I was going downstairs to use the restroom, then I’ll be up. (another method to avoiding excess conversation lol)

I came up the stairs and Caleb handed me my purse and said we were leaving because he told Pastor what was going on and he insisted we just go! haha It was a good thing too, even though we didn’t realize it at the time!

We got back home about 25 min later and contractions were about 5 min apart. I called the doctor and told them I was coming. Caleb was changing his clothes and then throwing our things in our other car. (still not sure why we had to switch cars) My contractions were SUPER painful at this point and I could feel a TON of pressure so I told him we need to go now. We were supposed to wait until the doctor called me back but I knew I didn’t have the time for that! haha

Caleb stopped at McDonald’s for a coffee before we went to the hospital. I don’t know why, but that’s become a ritual for us now! lol We sat in the hospital parking lot while Caleb downed a Big Mac’. While he was doing that, we discussed (in between contractions of course) what hair color we thought Charity might have and who she would look more like! Again…we didn’t realize how far things were progressing.  lol  By the way, she has blonde hair and definitely favors her daddy in looks!:)

We went into the hospital and checked in at 7:15. I happened to be the only one there so I was getting their full attention!

Now for the disappointing factor of the whole thing…

I’ve had 3 kids now in 3 years…and I know they say you forget the pain. But, I hadn’t spaced my kids out far enough to experience that! haha I had the first 2 without any pain medication or epidural and I didn’t want to do that this time! I just wanted to see what I was missing…these ladies talking about laughing and having a good time after getting their epidural…I wanted to experience that! So when I got there I asked the nurse right away what the likelihood of me getting an epidural was…she just sort of smirked and told me she’d have to check and see. Then she proceeded to tell me to just remember “they get a lot worse”. Which I’m not sure if she noticed my medical record or not….but I’ve done this twice and I know how it goes. Plus, I’m in pain and a little irritable and that’s not what you need to hear!

The nurse checked me as soon as I was in bed and comfortable…

She immediately gets this surprised look on her face and then tells me she’s going to have the other nurse come in and check me. Which Caleb and I were not sure what that meant! So I gave her this really puzzled look and she said, ” I just want to make sure, but I’m pretty sure you’re 10 centimeters!”

The other nurse came in and checked me…sure enough. She stood up and about 2.5 seconds later my water broke…this show was definitely on the road.

I asked about the epidural when she came back in and confirmed I was fully dilated and my water broke and she said there was really no point. (Which I figured, but was still clinging to a hope I might have a chance!!) By the time the anesthesiologist came to the hospital and did the prep work, plus the 10-20 minutes for it to kick in I probably would have the baby by then. After she told me that I just looked at Caleb and started to cry (I was really wanting that epidural, ok??) I told him, “I can’t do it AGAIN!” lol

But…I had to!

So I have no idea what time that was. Once we get to the hospital I sort of check out mentally and focus on what I’m doing and let everyone else do the rest! They had already called the doctor to come in by that point and she was on her way. I was fully dilated but for some reason, that urge to push just wasn’t there yet. Which is weird for me personally because usually, that happens when my water breaks or shortly before that. Everyone was waiting on me as soon as I thought I was ready to I said I was the only one there that night.

The nurse suggested I try to turn on my side…I had never moved before…I’m usually the sit-tight-and-bare-it type when it comes to this lol But I tried it…NOT working! I was in so much more pain when I did that. So I attempted to roll back over onto my back and about half-way there it hit me…

I was ready to push!!

It was the weirdest thing…I wasn’t on my side, but I wasn’t on my back. Anyway…

the doctor came in (they already had the room all set up) and I started to push. They didn’t even have time to break the bed down! About 2 pushes later…at 8:49 pm, Charity Sue Love was here! It happened so fast I was shocked. I remember them putting her on my chest and looking at Caleb and saying, “I can’t believe she’s on me already! It’s over!”

Don’t you just love squishy newborns?! πŸ˜‰

Mom was really praying I would go into labor before Thursday too because they were to leave for the Philippines the next morning at 6 am! So, of course, it would’ve been a bummer to miss the birth of a grandchild by one day! We told them as soon as she was born and they came down to the hospital right away!

Charity was by-far my easiest delivery yet! The nurse later told me after everything had settled down that I was only pushing for 4 minutes! Praise the Lord! haha

The Lord really blessed through the whole process and made it so easy for me. We found out that Charity’s umbilical cord was tied in a knot as well! The nurse said it was really rare and they called that a “true knot”. The doctor told us that a knot like that can usually cause a lot of complications and she was really surprised! The Lord is so good!! Charity was a perfectly healthy baby and we’re so grateful for another baby girl in our family!

You can find this swaddle here…

Here are some other pictures from our hospital stay. And the girls meeting their new baby sister!

After our mandatory 2 day stay…we headed home!!

You can find these adorable bow hats here…

I hope you enjoyed getting to read about all the happenings that day!! Happy Monday!

Organize With Me!

Organize With Me!

  Ok, so I’m pretty sure I’m in full-blown nesting mode these days. I don’t remember feeling this way with my other two girls, but this time I feel like I have to do ALL. THE. THINGS. Now!! On top of that, my pregnant-brain is […]

Baby Love Gender Reveal!

Baby Love Gender Reveal!

    I’ve never done a gender reveal before…not that this one was crazy special! haha It was fun though! Next time we do it I think we will make it a surprise for Caleb and I too! We both knew what we were having, […]

DIY Melissa and Doug Set!

DIY Melissa and Doug Set!

I love Mellissa and Doug toys, but some can be pretty expensive! (Some!) Their Cleaning Play Set is something I was seeing and really liked! It retails for $19.99 though!

Hannah loves to try and clean with me when I’m sweeping the kitchen or especially spraying cleaning products. Which is great, but I don’t really want her spraying cleaning products everywhere. She actually noticed that Leah spilled her juice the other day and I overheard her tell Leah “Oh no, Leah!” and she came and told me “Clean up juice!?” so I gave her a paper towel to see what she would do and she legit cleaned all the juice up! She layed the towel on top the juice and stepped on it a couple times then knelt down and wiped it up! It wasn’t one of those cute 2-year-old attempts to “help” either! It was a proud mom-moment for me! haha So, even though she’s only 2 I figured she would really enjoy this.

I saw one of these sets at a consignment sale I go to every year and it was still $14.99! I knew I could get most of these little things at the dollar tree!

While this didn’t turn out exactly how I’d imagined it in my head…(our Dollar Tree really isn’t that great). I still think it turned out well, and Hannah LOVES it!! She keeps calling the spray bottle “hairsprays” lol

These are the items I picked up from Dollar Tree.

I didn’t pick up the scrub brush. I don’t really want Hannah scrubbing my TV screen or something like that while I’m not paying attention. Yes, that would most certainly happen. The Dollar Tree didn’t have a squeegee I liked and again, didn’t need her using that on things either. The green spray bottle was too fat to fit in the basket properly, but I arranged them best I could and this is the result! $6 later and she has a great toy for productive play!

I filled the spray bottles with water and let Hannah “clean” the coffee table. She had a blast! The first picture is her asking me when she can play with it while I was taking pictures! lol It was sitting on the counter for 2 days torturing her πŸ˜‰

8 Mom Prayers

8 Mom Prayers

                                                             Today is just a simple post, but I needed this little “help” in praying about […]

5 Tips for Being On Time (With Kids!)

5 Tips for Being On Time (With Kids!)

When I saw this picture below on Pinterest one day I couldn’t help but relate! It’s so, so true! Even if it’s not something that was scheduled per-say, like wanting to get out the door grocery shopping by 9 AM, when you get out the door later […]

Best Homemade Laundry Detergent

Best Homemade Laundry Detergent

Ladies have any of you ever struggled with the price of laundry detergent?!? When I first got married I was constantly doing laundry. It’s so different doing multiple people’s laundry! ha! My husband worked construction at the time and worked with cement a lot. You just get filthy working construction anyway, but his pants would never get very clean!! It was so frustrating. While I knew his work clothes wouldn’t ever be spotless, it was annoying knowing that the laundry detergent I was spending A LOT of money on was not really working. Hannah’s baby spit-up and exploding diaper clothes, even when washed immediately, were stained permanently.

So….Pinterest is a wonderful thing, as we all know! I kept seeing homemade laundry detergent and decided I’d give it a try. Newly-wed, SAH wife, whose husband worked 12-13 hrs a day…what else did I have to do?;)

I have a FREE printable recipe for this stuff at the bottom, along with some information you’ll want to know about this πŸ˜‰ 

First, I’ll explain why I love this so much! When I first made this detergent, my husband and I had just moved away from family (3 hours….but still!!) while his job moved out of town for a year so that we wouldn’t be separated all week, every week, for a whole year. Not for us! Plus, we just had Hannah! The closest Walmart was almost 45 minutes away in a BIG city…my husband didn’t like the idea of me going out with a newborn in a strange big city by myself. I didn’t enjoy it either (not a big city kinda’ girl)…when I have to get on and off a major highway more than twice I’m probably not going to be driving it myself. That’s what it took just to get to a Walmart! So trips to the store were limited. This didn’t require me leaving home so I liked that! Aaaaanyway…

My laundry I’m telling you was never cleaner. The stuff I bought at the store… I don’t know if I’ll ever go back. My whites were coming out WHITE!! It was a miracle. Hannah’s baby spit-up and diaper messes were washing right out. Brand new baby clothes with poop on them is a sad sight for any mom. lol This stuff took all the stains out and they still looked brand new!

Then there were Caleb’s work clothes…his jeans were actually coming CLEAN! His shirts weren’t getting dingier and dingier every week! This stuff can get a lot out. That’s my point. I’ve had people ask me about it and I always brag this stuff up!

I’ve been making it now for 2 years straight. I haven’t purchased laundry detergent in 2 YEARS! AND….I’ve only bought the ingredients to make this laundry detergent once. ONCE! (apart from the Fels Naptha Bar Soap which only last 3 batches. But it’s $1.24…..Come on!!)

Now, how to make it!!

You’ll need these 3 ingredients. Now, pictured below is NOT the Fels Naptha Soap (it’s ZOTE) which the recipe calls for. I was using this up because I had it and wanted it out of my cupboard. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND USING THE FELS NAPTHA. I think it’s a major factor in this miracle-working soap.

Take 1/3 of your Fels Naptha and grate it into 6 cups water. Heat on low heat until dissolved.


Once the soap is dissolved, put 1/2 cup of Borax and 1/2 cup Arm & Hammer Laundry Booster in the water. Keep on low heat and stir until dissolved.

This is everything dissolved and ready to go…

Now, get yourself a container that can hold I’d say at least 3 gallons. I just have a bucket. It works great!

Pour 4 cups hot tap water into mixing bucket. Add soap mixture and stir.

After you stir that. Add 1 gal. hot tap water plus 6 cups more (22 cups total.) Stir.

Stir well and let sit overnight. This is what you’ll wake up to! It will have a layer of jello on top about 3-4 inches thick. Stir that all up…might take a little elbow grease. I use my electric handheld immersion blender that way it takes me no time at all! A handheld mixer or even a large whisk will work fine too!

And that’s it ladies…it’s super easy! Just give this a quick stir the first couple times you use it. After a while, it all blends together and you won’t have to stir!

Some things you might want to know!!

  1. I give this lady credit for recipe I found on Pinterest!
  2. This is (mostly) all-natural. 
  3. It cost $9.68 to make 3 batches. That’s 192 loads of laundry.
  4. It would cost you $49.28 to do that many loads with Tide Pods Free & Gentle. (Which this stuff is safe for allergy issues)
  5. It’s safe to use in HE washers.
  6. It’s safe to use if you have well-water. Even hard well-water like I have.
  7. Costs less than 1 cent per load.
  8. I should’ve convinced you by now…I won’t go on….;)

The recipe card I scribbled out when I first found this was looking rough after spilling water on it and folding and throwing it in my laundry soap cabinet.

So, I made myself a new one! Made it prettier…and even laminated it! I know…..super fancy;)

You can have your own copy of this too! Print it out and try it for yourself!

Print Laundry Detergent Recipe


Just in case…

My Handheld Blender

My Scotch Thermal Laminator

My  3 Pregnancy Must-Haves

My 3 Pregnancy Must-Haves

I’m just going to share a quick post about my pregnancy must-haves (as if you didn’t know that from the title!) I’m 18 weeks pregnant with my third baby right now and I have to say I’ve had very easy pregnancies so far so my list isn’t […]

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