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Our Favorite Chili Recipe

Our Favorite Chili Recipe

We love chili at the Hoover home! When we first got married my chili was more of a soup consistency. I wanted more of a Wendy’s chili taste and texture, so I tried A LOT of different recipes. We have this chili once every two […]

Money Saving Challenge

Money Saving Challenge

Saving $1,000 This Year! We all like the thought of saving money.  Doing it is another thing.  It’s hard work.  It means giving up things that we want in the NOW.  It is time to look at the bigger picture.  Start looking and planning ahead.  […]

Baby and Toddler Amazon Gift Guide!

Baby and Toddler Amazon Gift Guide!

I have little toddlers, and after a few Christmases and birthdays, buying the toys gets old…not to mention can cause a lot of clutter! People have gotten us some pretty thoughtful gifts too, as well as toys, but I thought I’d put together a little list of some gifts that would be useful as well as enjoyable! Not just for the baby/toddler, but the parents as well!

Oftentimes little babies that are 1 and sometimes even 2, don’t really understand what’s going on when it comes to special occasions to notice the difference between getting toys or another gift that will be useful! Kind of like getting a box of diapers from someone for your baby’s special occasion! Parents are grateful! haha It’s something they can use and saves them money because the baby needs them, and the parents would be buying them anyway!

So here we go…

  1. Color or Paint Kid’s Playhouse.

I guess you could technically classify this as a toy, but this is something they’ll have a blast coloring and using, then once it’s beaten and battered from use it can be thrown away. It’s creative and out of the norm! I know my girls would LOVE something like this. Considering it’s something they can actually get inside!

2. First Toothbrush.

This is such a good gift, because, as a mom, I didn’t even think about having to brush my kids’ teeth until they started to grow in! haha Usually kids think brushing their teeth is fun (at least mine do!) so they’ll love it. And it’s a very practical and useful gift!

3. Potty Trainer Bracelet.

I wish I would’ve had one of these when I was potty training Hannah! She would have LOVED it. Let’s face it…anything to help potty trainging go easier, what mom wouldn’t love it! It’s out of the norm, and maybe even something the parents (or you) have never heard of. So no need to worry about gift repeating! Go check out the link below! These things are neat!

On the same line…I won’t number this one because it goes so well with this. Buy Pull-Ups for the toddler! Who says you have to stop at just diapers for the babies!?

4. Kid’s Dishware.

This is something I never went out and bought on my own for some reason. Other than baby spoons I use to feed my babies, we don’t own any children’s silverware. My kids have always learned to use full-size silverware! haha BUT…when I had Charity, Caleb’s Aunt bought the older girls some plates. I USE THEM DAILY! I still don’t want the extra baby silverware, but having those little plates that have dividers are so convenient for little eaters! Munchkin brand usually has really good quality things (at least everything I’ve owned so far) that last through many washes and of course, wear and tear of kids using them! So, I linked a set below that would be perfect!

4. NEW Sippy Cup.

I don’t know why, but my girls have an infatuation with everyone ELSE’S cups! It can be a little frustrating, especially when you JUST bought a $7 sippy cup they’re tired of already! haha My point is…The child will love this. Especially if they already know how to drink from cups other than a bottle. Hannah got a new cup for Christmas and it was literally one of her favorite gifts. She kept showing everyone. This makes a great gift because, not only will the child like it, the parent will also find it useful! And honestly, some sippy cups can get expensive, so when they’re received as a gift…win win!! These cups are so cool! One is perfect for around the house and the other for on the go! I’ve not seen either of these in stores before and definitely not this many options! Check it out!

6.  Kid’s Quote Book.

Hannah is our only fluent talker at the moment and she says some pretty hilarious things sometimes! (as most kids usually do!) And I can’t tell you how many times we’ve been advised to write them down to keep forever! I love the idea and started keeping them in my phone, but I’m not the type of person that keeps my life in my phone so I wanted to get a special book! My niece, River, just turned 1 and I got her one for her birthday and got one for myself! Parents will love this gift and might not think to buy one for themselves before their kid starts spouting out random hilarious things! So they’ll really come to appreciate this! It’s a huge win in my book! This one is super nice, check it out!

7. Children’s Devotional Book/First Bible.
This book I found on Amazon is so neat. I am definitely going to purchase this exact one. It’s a KJV topical Bible for kids. It would be SO easy to sit down and use as a devotional for you to do with your kids. Parents (Moms in particular I think) will love this. I’ve been searching around for something like this to start doing with my girls and this is perfect! It would make a wonderful gift!! Check it out!

Hope this gave you some inspiration for some gifts for that baby or toddler in your life that isn’t just another toy!

Maybe you have some other great ideas! Tell us in the comments!

Keeping the Chaos Organized

Keeping the Chaos Organized

I haven’t been a mom for very long, but it didn’t take me long to find out how hard it is to stay organized. AnnaLynn is six months old, and she is already is nine month clothing! So she flew through newborns, barely had time […]

Turning Two …

Turning Two …

I blinked … I blinked and she turned TWO. Calloway is the sweetest little girl you will ever meet. (I’m sure most mothers say that about their daughters, but know this … mine is the sweetest.) She ADORES her brother Silas and he takes full […]

How to Simplify Your Master Bedroom

How to Simplify Your Master Bedroom

A New Year – New Beginnings

Starting with our homes. Are you on a quest to declutter and organize your home? Me too! I’m going to take it a step further – I’m going to finish projects that were started but never completed.

January is Master Bedroom month and there is a lot to do. We moved into our home about 4 years ago. The master bedroom was a rose color. My husband needless to say was not a fan. We painted the room blue. I also made burlap curtains and that was about it. No pictures, no bedspread and no other decorations. We just had the bare essentials.

To start this process things needed to be decluttered. In our bedroom I had 9 areas that needed attention. As always – I made a list (I love them!). Always have a plan!

9 Areas Decluttered!

Life still goes on, so it took me most of the month to declutter these areas. Sometimes when we look at a big project, we get overwhelmed and don’t do anything. Take one area a week and get started!

Needless to say, after the holidays things were a little out of order. You will see this in the video.

These are a few pictures of the areas that I decluttered and organized.

There are also 4 tips in the video to help you along the way.

Start the new year off by Simplifying your home and life.

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Next month – Projects and Decorating! Don’t miss it!


Where Are Your STEPS Taking You?

Where Are Your STEPS Taking You?

Where are your STEPS taking you? Steps are a natural process of life.  We all get excited when a baby takes their first step. We document it in baby books.  It won’t be long before our granddaughter, AnnaLynn, will take her first step.  As time […]

5 Ingredient Crispy Oven Chicken

5 Ingredient Crispy Oven Chicken

My mom has been making this chicken all our lives. We love it and my brothers hated mayo! Mom never told them it was on there! I hope you enjoy this easy crispy oven chicken! Winner, winner – Chicken dinner!

48 Weeks Till Christmas

48 Weeks Till Christmas

Can you believe that Christmas is in 48 weeks? I know that it’s a little weird to think about Christmas when we just finished putting our decorations away. Let’s look at it from a financial point of view. We all, single and married, know that Christmas can sometimes be a struggle financially. What better time to get on top of the holiday than right now.

If you’re still a little hesitant, let me throw you some pro’s that may persuade you; no stress level financially, enjoying some quality family time, no debt, focus on the real reason for the season (Jesus Christ Himself), etc.

I want to throw a disclaimer out. I am single and have fewer bills than a family of 6, but everyone can learn something. My income also hinders me financially, so this past year I tried something NEW. I wanted to let you all in on the secrets to help you this coming year.

Budget and Shop RIGHT NOW!

I know that some people love Black Friday shopping. That is not me. I am not a big fan of shopping, but I do love snagging a great deal.

Who are you buying Christmas gifts for? You could be single, like me, and have gifts to buy for a few people. You may be married with children and a few grandchildren to purchase gifts for. Whatever it is, you need to figure out who you plan on buying Christmas gifts for this year. Make a list, write it down and put it on your desk.

What is your budget? This is when it gets fun for me. I enjoy budgeting. When I budget right, it gives me more open doors to travel or buy something that I have wanted to buy for a while. The next thing is to figure out what you plan on spending for each person. On the same list of names that you wrote down, write down a price range of what you would like to spend for each of them. Remember, meaning matters more than money.

If you still are a fan of waiting until Black Friday, then budget and save.

The process of saving. There are many ways to save money, from change jars all the way to the envelop system by Dave Ramsey. You should have your names and budget list in front of you. What is the total budget from your list? Whatever you do, don’t stress. You are 48 weeks away from Christmas! You have time to figure it out. Below are some tips to help you out on preparing for Christmas 2019.

Set aside some money. For example; if my budget is $300 then I need to set aside $25 a month or $6.25 a week. When Christmas comes in 48 weeks, you don’t need to stress. You already have it saved up. Just go shopping!

Shopping now is a great idea. I had a lot of gifts purchased before Thanksgiving. I can tell you stress was not something that was apart of this past Christmas. My parents and Si’s gifts were the only gifts that I needed to buy.

Take advantage of the parties. During the summer I went to a Tupperware party. The anniversary sale was happening. The children’s tea party set was a cute color, plus its lifetime warranty. It was more than what I would have paid during the Christmas season for a gift. With it being summer, I knew that I could recover in the next week. Boom! I had my niece’s gifts bought for Christmas 6 months in advance.

Thrifting It. I don’t know if any of you are thrift store shoppers, but I love thrift store shopping. When I was shopping, I found a “Melissa and Doug” mailbox at a thrift store with all the pieces still in it. I purchased that for Calloway’s Christmas gifts. Buying gifts before the holiday season when you see them at a great price is the time to buy them.

Name exchange. One thing that has also helped the Patterson sisters for Christmas, is a name exchange. This way, we don’t need to buy gifts for each sister on top of our parents, nieces, and nephew. Each year we have a different sister. This past year, I had Olivia. I already knew what I wanted to get her, so I just needed to purchase the necklace. I just got a few other small things for her too.

Be Creative. It takes some time to figure out what works for your family. Growing up our parents never spent over $100 on us. Mom was great with making Christmas a blast. One year all of our gifts were in one large box. The box was either hidden inside, outside in our yard, or the neighbor’s yard. Running around and searching for the gifts, that was the best part. Another year, dad and mom wrapped the gifts and placed colored bows on the Christmas gifts. All five of us had a color bow with about five gifts. Presents were hidden throughout the entire house. Some were in the dryer another was in the tub. I don’t remember what I got that year but I do have memories of us girls running around the house looking for our Christmas presents and not telling someone if we saw one of theirs.

Here is a thought for you minimalists. If you are a minimalist and don’t like clutter, but you feel bad for your kids to open one gift on Christmas day. Visit Dollar Tree and buy some toys that they can open on Christmas day. All you have to do is throw them out when they break or when pieces go missing, but buy them that one thing they want that will last.

I hope that you are able to use something from this post to make your Christmas season for 2019 more enjoyable. Planning now is far more beneficial to you than it would be waiting till the December rolls around.

I challenge you to take a few minutes and start some lists. Have a great day Y’all.

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2019 Family Portraits ​

2019 Family Portraits ​

Happy One Year Anniversary to Mother Hen Five! We are so honored that you came along for the ride! Our family has grown quite a bit in the last five years, we’ve added a few sons-in-law and many grandkids. Christmas photo cards have become quite […]

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