Bee-You Cafe




I wish this place was closer to where I live. So cute, clean, and Courtney (The owner of the coffee shop) is one of friendliest owners that I have met yet. I went back the next day and she remembered my name. She also gave me a pep talk to start my own coffee shop. She was the sweetest ever and you can tell by the picture below just how sweet she is.

  Photographers: The lighting in this place is mostly natural lighting and it’s amazing for photographs. This place is ideal for a photo shoot in a coffee shop. The window seat is great and the backdrop in the back of the cafe is so cute.

Driving Tip: Don’t be alarmed when the building says “The Yoga Garden” the Yoga shop is in the back. The cafe is out front.

The atmosphere is so relaxing and great for photo opportunities if you are up for that thing. Everything is kept clean and sleek. I have already said it but I will say it again. The service is personal, they make every customer feel special. When you go in make sure you tell her you found out about the store through “Mother Hen 5”. Go follow and like the social media pages.

I am telling you, take a trip to Uniontown PA! Visit the Bee-You Cafe. The Salvation Army thrift store is great and the mall is packed with stores. When you are in the mall make sure to visit my friends’ furniture store “Timeless Traditions”.

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