BIG News!

Yes, it does have to do with the male species but not with my relationship status. By the end of this year, 4 more boys will be calling me Aunt Danielle.

You know my sister Michelle is having a baby! If you don’t, go and watch their cute video. Also, one of my closest friends are having a baby boy and I am Aunt Danielle to the little guy. For the grand finale (drum roll, please.) I am taking a new job! I am officially a nanny for two little boys!

Every year in May, I take time to reminisce. This year, I started cleaning for the 11th year. I know that that isn’t a long time, but when you are 23 years old, that is half of your life. With 10 years in one job, I decided to change it up some. I am putting down my full time cleaning tools and picking up a bottle and some dinosaurs. The excitement and the extreme terror of being responsible for children (outside of my immediate family) is a little overwhelming right now, but I am ready.

I have some ideas that I hope to share with you. There are definitely some adventures ahead. To those of you who love cleaning hacks, I am working on a blog post. It is to be for those I have cleaned for for the past few years, but I figured you would enjoy some tips and tricks.

Have a great day Y’all. Be intentional with the days that you have.

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