Avenue 209 Coffee House


GOOGLE SEARCH TIP: Ever google search for coffee shops and can’t find anything? I can tell you a trick to help you find these cute little shops that you will fall in love with. When I start planning to go to a place and want to find a few coffee shops on the way, I zoom into some towns that I will pass on my way to the destination. I then google search coffee shops! The closer to the ground you are the more places that will show up. This is the way you find these great shops that you will fall in love with like I have. 

Avenue 209 Coffee House is located in Lock Haven, PA. This was officially the first coffee shop I started with on my trips. This one still ranks as my favorite. I went in the morning before all the people my age were up. lol. I was there around the time all the people were heading to work and older men and woman gathering for coffee and newspapers. It was so relaxing to sit and read my bible and just enjoy the shop.

The “main man” and the face of the shop (Check out social media) was there that morning so I was able to talk with him. I purchased some coffee beans and he recommended the blend they use at home. One thing I have learned is to “Just ask”. They don’t think you’re weird. 

This coffee shop was my favorite because of the family atmosphere and the “everyone knew everyone” feeling. I loved the place! I felt like I was in my hometown where everyone knows everyone. A few people walked in to get coffee and everyone called them by name and said “Hi”. I did a lot of smiling and then going back to reading. The place was just too cute!

The coffee was great and the portion sizes were great for the price, which is something I judge.

Get on their social media and check the shop out. When you are close to Lock Haven jump in and have a cup of coffee. 






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