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  It’s Danielle here! If you have read my profile or know me, you would know that I have a few favorite things. Coffee is for sure one of those things. If you haven’t met me yet, JUMP on over and quickly read up (Danielle’s BIO). Back to what I was saying. Two other things that I love is my time with God and traveling.

  A couple of months ago I started to combine all of these things into adventures. If you follow me on social media (Also in my BIO) sometimes you will see my adventures on there. I rarely tell people the reasons for my trips because they are for times of meditation and making life choices and I need to just get away from all the distractions that life in general throws at me, but that is me. I am one of those people that need time to pull out all the colored pens and post-it’s and just study and talk with God. When I take an adventure, it is always somewhere new. I normally decide the day before and jump in the car the next morning without an ounce of coffee in me and my Bible, pens, and sticky notes.

  Caffeine Connection is for your benefit. I have marked one already with more to come.  I will include my personal take with pictures.  So, I encourage you to jump in and read about these places. If you live close to one of these places or just want to travel somewhere to have your own adventure or rendezvous with a friend. Pick a place on the map that I have marked and scroll down to read about it. Enjoy!!






Why HERE?   This trip was unexpected and with no plans of visiting the C&C Coffee shop. A couple that I am close to invited me to visit them while they worked on ministry things for a couple of days. We couldn’t meet up half way so I jumped on the opportunity to drive a couple of hours and help out in whatever way that I could. I arrived that afternoon and they weren’t  home yet, so I jumped in my car, google searched and drove 5 minutes to check this place out.

What did I THINK?   Oh, my goodness! I love sidewalk shops and this is what it is. I loved the place. There was friendly service, it was a cozy/peaceful atmosphere, and first class in every area. Lots of tables and seating. Enternet? Check!  A ton of options for drinks (Not just coffee) and merchandise. So don’t hold back you non-coffee drinkers. 

Would I go AGAIN?   Yes!!! I Actually stopped in again the next day before I came home. 

Here are their social media’s and some pictures that I took of the place. 



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