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Ladies, I have been trying really hard to eat healthy this year. This is a real struggle for me because we all know I love me some Dunkin’s! Working at the Village Pantry doesn’t help! Although it doesn’t always happen, I try to go to the gym every day except Sunday’s of course and these bars are a great snack that can help you get through your workout. When my Gram first made these I thought to myself, “These are going to be nasty!” My gram doesn’t make anything that tastes nasty, so I tried them and I LOVE THEM!

This recipe is easy, simple to make and super yummy!

These are the products I used, and I literally got them from the Dollar Store so they are really cheap! However, if you want to buy everything organic to make it even more healthier, then go for it!

So you want to start with putting the honey, peanut butter and vanilla in the pan stir until thoroughly melted. You want it to look like this or until its creamy and smooth!

In another bowl add your rice krispies, rolled oats, cranberries and walnuts then mix them all up.

Last but not least, combine your wet and dry ingredients! Make sure it’s really well combined because it will determine how it stays together. Grab  your pan or sheet pan whatever you choose to use. I went with a cupcake/muffin pan. Firmly press mixed ingredients into the pan of your choice and let them chill for about 2 hours!! Enjoy!

This is what it will look like when it’s done! They are delicious and healthy!

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