How To Clean Your Pack N’ Play

Kimmy and Natalie are pulling all their baby gear out …  while I’m starting to put mine away. Bittersweet feelings for sure! Mother Hen bought me this Pack N’ Play 3 years ago. It has been set up in our living room ever since. I loved having a place to put the kids if I needed a few minutes with my hands-free. Callie actually preferred to play in there (away from her big brother) ha! Long story short, my kids have spent alot of time in this pack n’ play. Which is why it’s SUPER dirty. I try to wipe down hand prints, food, and spot clean when I see it. I’ve deep cleaned it quite a few times and want to share my proccess with you! I researched quite a few methods, but this is the quickest and easiest way for me to get the job done. Let’s get started …

Fill your tub with the HOTTEST water you can.

Pour a FULL cap of laundry detergent in the water while it is filling. I’ve used whatever I had on hand, so no speciifc brand is needed.

I put the pad in the water first …

then the “cage”.

Make sure the water completely covers all fabric and plastic parts.

Let it sit! After an hour I checked on it. I “swish” it around every hour.

The longer it sits, the grosser the water gets. Bleh! I let mine soak for 3 hours.

After I drain the tub I just prop it up and let the water drain out. It rained all day today, otherwise I would’ve let it dry in the sun. But it will dry fine in the tub. It just takes alot longer. Some of the other tutorials suggested to lay the pad flat to dry. I didn’t mind the slight creasing and it dries much faster standing up straight.

Let me know if you clean your pack n’ play! There is something satisfying about all that dirt in the water … and not where your kid’s play.

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