My Lemon Tree’s Journey

Have you ever had one of those moments when you scroll through Pinterest and out of the blue you see something and in no time you try and do it? Haha, this was one of those moments. Now there is a funny story on the startup and I will get to that in a second.

If you would see me at the church on Sunday or any other waking moment of our lives and ask me what my favorite fruit is… I would tell you its a tie between Lemons and Strawberries. Throw those two amazing fruits together and it would be a small taste of Heaven. Can I get an amen?! I have a love for Lemons though, in decor too. So when I was scrolling through Pinterest and saw that some people had planted lemon trees in pots. I was flabbergasted! Growing strawberries wasn’t an option. A couple of years ago I was working for a business that planted thousands of strawberry plants. That was enough for me for the rest of my life. Lemon’s on the other hand, that was a new one I was willing to try.

A quick review before we start. One day I was scrolling through Pinterest, I saw a lemon tree post and now I am off to the grocery store. NO JOKE! It was maybe 10 minutes from me seeing the post and I was off buying a lemon. I am now gonna tell you my funny story.

Remington and I drove down a couple of blocks (By the way, my little Rav4 car is named Remington) to the grocery store. I jumped out, exited as ever to get my lemon and start this new adventure of growing my own lemons. One day I would make lemonade and make lemon popsicles with the exact lemons I produced in my own bedroom. If you do not think that is the coolest thing ever, well, I don’t know what is! Back to my story, with a ton of confidence, I walked to the produce section and grabbed a lemon. Got in line, made it to the register and there was a problem with the machine and the lemon wouldn’t ring up. The lady said to take it. “It’s 35 cents. just take it.” I smiled and thanked her. Felt the Lord was leading! Jumped back into Remington. Made it home, got all of my lovely pots together and was ready to start this thing. Knife in hand, lemon in the other, I cut that baby open. You ready for it? Seriously, are you ready for this mind-blowing moment? I learned something right then. Some lemons don’t have seeds! Yeah, what are the odds of me walking into the store and picking up a lemon that had no seeds? I felt horrible that the lady gave it to me too. How ridiculous is that? It didn’t stop me though. I walked right back out the car and went to a different store. Grabbed a new lemon, came home, cut it open and I now can start the experiment.

How I started:

I had read a few articles on how people started their seedlings, soaking it for a day sounded like a good idea. Juice the lemon and collect all the seeds inside of it. Throw them in a small bowl of water and let them sit overnight. You start the growing process this way. You can do the same thing with an avocado plant (Don’t ask). The next day you can plant them then the babysitting starts. I have a radiator in my room so that was the only way I was able to plant lemon trees on Dec. 22nd and they live through the cold season. I made sure they had sun all day and made sure the dirt was always damp.

11 days later the first little sprout came through the surface. 3 days later I could see the dirt moving. When I went to bed one night I woke up to this site.

All of them burst to the surface and I was in my own world of lemon trees sprouting. I continued to make sure they had damp soil and a lot of sun. In no time I was replanting the lemon trees.

I replanted a month later and have done so every month since.

I now have them in bigger pots and only hope to replant 2 more of them into bigger plants.

Yes, I have way too many plants in my room right now. The plants are overtaking the room and I am gonna have to figure out what I am gonna do with 7 Lemon trees for the rest of my life.

I snapped the most recent picture of the plants yesterday. I will bring a new update to you in a couple of weeks. If you have any questions just message below.

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