2 Books For Your Dinosaur Lovers

Do you have a child in your life that has grown to love dinosaurs more than you ever imagined?

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that I would come to a point where I would be able to name more than one kind of dinosaur, let alone know interesting facts about them. Since I started nannying, it has become a favorite topic to talk and read about with little boys.

There is such an importance in paying attention to what your kids hear and read in books. Fiction and non-fiction books are an easy way for your children to know if it is real or fake. When you have a non-fiction book it is important to make sure that your kids understand what is fact vs. fiction. Especially when it comes to dinosaurs!

With most dinosaur books, the wall you hit almost every time, is the “millions and billions of years”. To those of us that have had the Bible as our foundation, we know that its not millions and billions of years but closer to 6,000 years. Let me encourage you to explain it to your kids if they are older. If they are younger, just replace the words “millions and billions” with “thousands” as you read the books.

Lets get to the good part of this blog post. THE BOOKS!

Here are two of my favorite books that I have come to read and use on a weekly basis.

Dinosaurs: For Little Kids

The best price for this book is on Answers In Genesis website minus shipping. If you have Amazon Prime with free shipping that will be your cheapest way to go. Amazon.com

To be honest, I cannot say enough about this book. I bought it the last time I was in Kentucky and have almost read it every week since then. This book has a great way of teaching each Dinosaur lover who created dinosaurs, what happened to them and what they were called years ago. Toward the end of the book, Ken Ham even explains that Dinosaurs are now extinct because of sin and human kind. It’s a Kids Story book packed with biblical information but palatable for your child to wrap their head around what happened to dinosaurs.

Side Note: This book is a favorite and a subtle way to present the gospel and I took Ken Hams advice to purchase a copy to place in our towns library.

199 Dinosaurs And Prehistoric Animals

This book doesn’t have a story line in any form. It’s just the name of each animal (exactly how the cover looks). If your child has a lot of dinosaur figures, this book is great for them to search in the book for the ones that they have. I love using this book with the little boy that I watch. We also have flash cards that have dinosaur names and facts on the back. He matches them with others in the book. This is definitely a tool.

Usborne have a lot of dinosaur books, but you have to be careful when it comes to their dinosaur books. They definitely emphasize the millions, billions, and trillions of years. The one pictured above does not promote evolutionary ideas.

Amazon has this book on their website but its more expensive. I would purchase this book through Usborne knowing you will have to pay for shipping.

“199 Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animals” is a cardboard book so you will get your monies worth.

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