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My Nightly Routine!

My Nightly Routine!

This post contain’s affiliate links. You can read more in our disclaimer,but girl don’t worry. I only recommend thing’s I really love or use. So most people have a nightly routine and I do! I love putting makeup on but what I love most about…

Weighing In – February Update

Weighing In – February Update

WEIGHTING IN:  FEBRUARY UPDATE! Psalm 37:23-24 23 “The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord: and he delighteth in his way.”24 “Though he fall, he shall not be utterly cast down: for the Lord upholdeth him with his hand.” We all make mistakes. …

Bedroom Remodel

Bedroom Remodel


As many of you know if you read my about me page but we live in a fixer-upper! This past winter we decided to remodel our bedroom because Caleb was pretty annoyed with how it looked and wanted something nice to come home to and relax every evening! And I wasn’t gonna complain about an update! So we really didn’t plan too much out (probably not recommended lol) but we knew there wasn’t a lot we were going to be changing structurally so it was a matter of gutting and remodeling. There isn’t a need for me to over-explain all this 🙂 But Caleb did all the work himself apart from the help his dad for some electrical and my dad for some extra hands to get done a little quicker! And of course my help too! 😉 I’m so lucky to have a guy who can do it all!:)

Here are the pictures before…





And then there’s the gutting……oooooh the messy, messy gutting….where you regret ever even starting a project like this! Anyone else have to deal with horsehair plaster during a remodel!?!?






This was outside our window after a long night of demo!





After we got ALLL the debris out…which is the most frustrating part if you ask me. We were able to start the remodel…and that meant starting behind the walls with the electrical which we totally redid. My husband figured better take the time and replace the 50 year old electrical now (Instead of just adding more outlets) than have to tear apart our room later to do it! Along with adding WAY more outlets (there were only two) We were able to move into the 20th century 😉 with USB plugs!




Drywall and spackling (mudding)…not my husband or I’s area of expertise, so we hated this part and just did the best we could! haha It’s so annoying…and TIME-CONSUMING!





Then the painting….probably every woman’s favorite part! We also kept the chimney exposed, which I thought was a nice rustic touch!

Caleb used to lay carpet too, so we picked out a gray-tone carpet and he was able to lay that! Made a huge difference! (Like I said, he can do it all;) He also had an excuse to finally buy a carpet stretcher he’s always wanted! lol



This is the final product! We love it now! Doesn’t even feel like our house! We bought a TV mount that I didn’t picture. Makes for easier TV watching in bed 😛 and then my husband bought me an early Christmas present and got us a new bed and nightstands!! Beautiful! I love them!:)


This was at like 2 am one day when we finally finished the carpet and we were done! This was my husband’s “I’m awesome” pose lol (It was 2 am okay?!) I just wanted to get to bed lol but he is pretty awesome and did an amazing job! Are you renovating any rooms in your house!?!


Hawaiian Kabobs

Hawaiian Kabobs

At the Patterson house, Sunday Lunch is the biggest meal of the week. It’s about the only day that we all are free and actually sit at the table and eat. In the Patterson home, we all take turns having weeks for cooking the meal.…

A Guide To Wedding Planning

A Guide To Wedding Planning

With Valentine’s Day over…it is time to prepare for WEDDING SEASON! I am the most recent “Patterson Girl” to get married, so I decided to share some advice and money saving tips/tricks on wedding planning! Will and I’s wedding is still so fresh in my…

$5 Date Ideas

$5 Date Ideas

Valentine’s Day has come and gone, we are finishing off the last of the candy, and hoping our flowers don’t die too fast.

I found myself wishing I was this creative in showing my family that I love them every week … not just one day a year.

Realistically though, spending $50 on your special someone every week is not probable. Five Dollars? Certainly! And a pretty good investment if you ask me. I thought I would jot down some $5 (some free) date ideas. Hoping that you can keep that little spark alive in the next year! Remember, dates are about time spent together, not how much money you spend. Make the most of your time together by putting the phones away, using eye contact, and having meaningful conversations.

Here we go!

  • Library Run – need some quiet time away from the kids? It’s sure to be quiet here!
  • Sundae Sunday – McDonald’s has $1 chocolate fudge sundaes … with peanuts!
  • Walk-On Wednesday – get your exercise in by taking a walk … together!
  • People Watch at the Mall – remember, no shopping, just watching.
  • Thrifty Thursday – buy a gift for each other … at the thrift store! This is sure to bring some laughs!
  • Have a coloring contest and let Facebook be the judge. The most “likes” in an hour wins!
  • Slushy Saturday – Taco Bell has $1 slushies during “happy hours” … check them out for a cheap date, especially in the summer!
  • Try Geocaching! Get the app on your phone and check it out!
  • Free attractions in your area. We have TONS of free activities in Milwaukee, you’d be surprised what your town/city might have to offer!
  • Do a puzzle together – they have puzzles at thrift stores all the time … hopefully, they have all the pieces! ha!
  • Go to Sam’s Club or Costco on sample day – yummy!
  • Drive to a scenic spot and take pictures on your cell phone. Print your photos at Walmart or a drugstore kiosk!
  • Monopoly Monday – nothing beats a good board game. Monopoly can get intense at our house!

Some of these may seem juvenile or silly, but when is the last time you had a good laugh with your spouse? We live in an intense world, and we have to start being intentionally fun in our marriages. Enjoy your time together, no family trouble talk, budget meetings, etc.  Just start with a simple date. I know it’s difficult to find a sitter for the kids, so maybe your dates have to be at home when the kids go to bed. If you don’t have family close by, utilize a teen girl in your church! Dates don’t have to be four hours long (although that would be nice) just an hour will suffice.

Make the effort and you won’t regret the results! Have fun!

5 Simple Ways To Be Hospitable

5 Simple Ways To Be Hospitable

  Hospitality – The act or practice of receiving and entertaining strangers or guests without reward, with kind and generous liberality. 1 Peter 4:8-10  (KJV)“And above all things have fervent charity among yourselves: for charity shall cover the multitude of sins.  Use hospitality one to…

Healthy Bars

Healthy Bars

Ladies, I have been trying really hard to eat healthy this year. This is a real struggle for me because we all know I love me some Dunkin’s! Working at the Village Pantry doesn’t help! Although it doesn’t always happen, I try to go to…

Calvary Made All The Difference – Digital Download!!!!

Calvary Made All The Difference – Digital Download!!!!

10 years ago (at the request of our grandparents and friends) we produced a music CD. The songs were simply ones we had sung for church specials. Nothing dramatic, just three sisters singing, hoping to be a blessing!

Aren’t these pictures gems?! Every once in a while someone will inquire where they can purchase one. Unfortunately, there are no more hard copies available, so we ventured to put it in digital form. We would love to do another project in the future! But for now, you can enjoy the old one in these avenues …


Apple Music



Google Play


YouTube Music










Claro música



















Calvary Made All the Difference

How Deep the Father’s Love for Us

Our Hearts Embrace the Cross

He Is Mine

His Will

Saved By Grace

In Christ Alone

He Gave Himself

I’m Still Amazed

A Wall of Prayer


Reinforce Ministry

Reinforce Ministry

  I am so excited to be able to talk to you about a ministry that I get to help with. Reinforce Ministry started in 2017 to be a form of support for military men, women, and their families. We at Bible Baptist Church want…