My Nightly Routine!

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don't worry. I only recommend thing's I really love or use.

So most people have a nightly routine and I do! I love putting makeup on 
but what I love most about it is when I can take it off at night there is 
something really satisfying about coming home at the end of the day and 
taking it off!
   So I am going to show you what I use and works with my skin...Let's get started! 

Obviously it would be washing your face or makeup off which I do with cold water 
and Olay will find I use Olay in a lot of my face care
but just cause its a good company!

Here's a funny story. I had a major allergic reaction recently to some makeup 
I put on my face(smashbox)on a Sunday and I knew something was wrong. I wasn't sure 
what was wrong but I went to work the following day without makeup. God
 bless the people that saw me without makeup. My boss looked at me and 
said, "Olivia your face is really red and puffy." so I immediately went to the
 bathroom and looked at my face to find it really was red and puffy.
So after my shift I went to the store and got a moisterizer that is for sensitive 
skin. Before this I had a really smooth face, but
 because of this incident I found my new favorite moisterizer!

Which brings us to #2
I used to use something called Ponds the pink container for dark spots!
But I got this from the Dollar General (I am sure you can get it anywhere else) 
it's farely exspensive but worth it! My face is never dry at night when I go to bed!

It's called miracle worker! Not really but its called Pep Start from Clinique.
But it's an under eye cream which I use for dark circles under my eyes.
This is great at night or before you put your makeup on whichever you prefer!

So I am doing my night routine, which includes everything from cleaning my makeup
 off to getting into bed so before I go to bed I love puting chapstick on my lips.     
Most people loveBurt's Bees or Eos but I will never use another
 chapstick but the one I have here.
 It's the BEST in my opinion it has an ice factor so its really
 cold when you put it on but I just think its working when it cools my lips I love it!

Last but certianly not least! Ultra Repair Cream from First Aid Beauty!
This was a gift from my Sister for Christmas and I will say it's amazing.
It literally does everything it says so I recommend it to anybody. I like to 
put it on my hands and sometimes my feet, but mostly every night it's 
going on my hands before I fall asleep!

-Livvy Mae<3

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