3 Beauty Habits I Started At 13!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always been interested in little tips and tricks that could help out my beauty routine! Whatever can help my skin and hair look its best with minimal effort, I’m all about it!  Haha! But who isn’t!? I was always reading articles and even getting books at the library on cosmetology and watching Youtube videos on how to achieve different makeup looks. At one point, I thought I would go to school for that and pursue it! I’m sure my family can remember me always informing them they’re not using the correct face wash for their skin-type or telling them they’re applying their moisturizer the wrong way! It would take me 15 minutes to apply my foundation the correct way! I mean, it had to be flawless. Yes….I actually at one point in my life had time to do that! (Maybe THAT’S why dad forced me to fill out that job application that one day…haha!)

Anyway, these days I’m lucky if I even put foundation on! But there are some things I still do to this day that I picked up when I was younger and that’s what I’m going to be sharing with you today!


…. your face that is! When I was about 12 I was at a Walmart shopping for my Christmas presents with my Grandma Patterson. I was in the cosmetic section hunting down something makeup I wanted. My grandma pointed out face moisturizers, which I thought was random. She informed me I should be moisturizing my face every day! At the time, honestly when your 12 that doesn’t sound like the typical gift you would like. But it’s your grandma telling you that you need to do this, what are you gonna say?? I got a simple daily moisturizer from Clean&Clear and used it faithfully for years!! Unfortunately, it makes me break out now!

I can honestly say I can probably count on one hand the times I missed moisturizing my face after washing it! I definitely can tell the difference in my skin. I know good moisturizer can be kind of pricey, but it’s definitely worth it in my opinion! Your skin will definitely benefit!

I’ve used many brands of moisturizers through the years so I really can’t recommend one over another. (also, sometimes its good for your skin to switch things up once in a while) But I’ve really come to like Aveeno moisturizers and Olay has some good ones too!


I was always reading about exfoliating my face and needing to get rid of the dead skin cells. And it’s true!! I exfoliate my face at least once a week. Now I have a face wash with exfoliators in it and it’s gentle enough to use daily! Which I find is way more convenient so I’m not forgetting to do it that one time a week. I’m really forgetful and would do that all the time!!

This is one I love and am using right now. I’ve used it for at least a year now and I’ve noticed a huge decrease in break-outs and blemishes.



When I was about thirteen my sister Michelle decided she was gonna cut my hair and give me “layers” which ended up with me having an emergency hair appointment and getting my hair cut to my chin!!! That’s a story for another day!

But after that, I was on a mission to grow my hair out again. I read that brushing your wet hair with a brush will cause split ends. Which is really bad if you want your hair to grow long! So I got myself a wide-tooth comb and never looked back! Lol My hair has been long ever since I’ve grown it out after that, but I just never stopped using a wide-tooth comb!

Now, can I scientifically prove this is true?…..no. lol But I’ve been doing it this long whats it gonna hurt! Haha

This is the exact wide-tooth comb I have. I’ve literally used it for YEARS! They last forever (that is unless you lose them! lol)

Thanks for joining me today, I hope you maybe learned something new you can try!

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