4th Of July

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4th Of July

Outfit of the Day!

DRESS- Walmart and only $10!

EARRINGS- Walmart on clearance for $2!

   SHOES- Walmart for $15!


Dessert for the Day!

Fruit Flag- just cut all the fruits the same size and put them on Shish Kebab Skewers!


Game of the Day!

Homemade Jumbo Jenga

We are gonna make this Monday Night for the family get together’s!

Super easy to make! Just get a bunch of wood and cut them all the same length and smooth the edges

of the wood that way it doesn’t give anyone splinters.

 All you need is 2×4’s cut into 10.5″ and 54 of them!


Favorite Tradition of the Day!

So it’s actually not on the 4th due to it being on Wednesday and it being church night this year, so it’s Tuesday but for as long as I can remember we always went to my Uncle Bryan’s and Aunt Teresa’s for their 4th of July party.  It is a blast! Just being with family that you love is the BEST!  Having great food, watching the firework’s they put off in Huntingdon, plus the sheer entertainment due to how crazy our family is, it’s always fun!

Aunt Teresa and I this Sunday at our Military appreciation service at our Church!

Enjoy your 4th of July!


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