5 Easy Steps To a Family Vacation

Who doesn’t love to get away and go on vacation!  Some of you just fainted!  If the thought of a vacation overwhelms you, read on.  People plan a vacation in two ways:  You “plan” or say, “whatever happens, happens”.

When you say, “whatever happens, happens”, chances are you are going to miss out on a few things.

I heard someone say once that half the fun of a vacation is planning it.  I agree and I think this may be true with most woman.

Here are some easy steps to follow when thinking about a vacation.

1.  Choose your destination wisely.  We planned a family vacation to Cape May, NJ two years ago with all of the girls and their families.  The girls were excited because of the memories they had growing up.  I tried to plan ahead knowing there were babies involved and planned for some of those things but the beach was not exactly baby friendly.  Si didn’t like the sand or the loudness.  Trying to keep the sand and sun out of Hannah’s eyes was a challenge.  We had a great time, but consider who is going and the conditions.

2.  Pack only what you need.  Many times we pack way too much, especially if you are doing laundry on your trip.  Make a list and check it twice!  That may include a list for each member of your family.

Tip:  Let your children pack their own suitcase.  Tell them to lay their outfits for each day on the bed along with 2 (or 3) extra things they would like to bring (stuffed animal, toy, book, etc…).  Approve their choices and let them put their belongings in the suitcase.  This way they will feel involved.

3.  Don’t forget to get the car ready!

  • Check the fluids and gas it up.
  • Plan snacks for the trip (saves $ at reststops)
  • Activity for the kids

4.  Make an itinerary.  Especially if you are planning multiple stops.  When we take Olivia to college in two weeks    we are going to several state parks along the way. I have planned where we are staying, how long we are                     staying, local activities, and what or where we will be eating.  Have a budge for activities and for food.  I   would rather eat breakfast and one other meal, if not all meals at the hotel or camper (yes, we are taking the    camper!) and have extra funds for activities.

5.  Have fun and make memories.  Your family will remember the vacations you go on – make them fun and          memorable!

No, we didn’t get a family picture!  Take lots of picture!

Have a great day and a great vacation!


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