A Year In 12 Photos

by Natalie Love


Crazy how much they grow in a year!


Because I forget how tiny they were…and when they slept constantly! Ha!


Terrible lighting! Sunday matching! I turned 26 that month too.


April was a busy month! It was really difficult to just pick one picture! But this was a pretty good highlight. My husband really wanted them to have a playground. This was the month they got it! 🙂


Gorgeous spring days! Ready for these again!
Caleb and I celebrated 4 years of marriage. Hannah turned 3 and Leah turned 2. May is a busy month for us!


Summer days swimming and swinging!


This pretty much sums up July! haha We also had 2 calves born. Had a lot of July 4th fun! Visited Ohiopyle. Swam and swam and swam! 😉 Again, really hard to pick just one picture this month as well.


Didn’t have that many photos in August to choose from. Probably because the heat was so unbearable who wanted to do anything back in August?! Including take pictures….of hot sweaty people. haha


September we took our family vacation. It was a good month 😉 This is Erie, Pa.


October our baby Charity turned one!


Even though Thanksgiving is this month and you usually do all the fun fall things this time of year as well, I barely had any pictures. Not sure why. There was a day in November though, I had to delete…I kid you not…over 300 pictures of Hannah’s legs. So there’s that. lol


We had a wonderful Christmas and so enjoyed time with family and friends. Unfortunately, sickness hit the family pretty hard (currently still dealing with it) and we spent the majority of the month staying away from most people to avoid getting people sick. This was when I had all the girls ready to go to church and it was snowing too hard and fast to even leave. So I took a picture. Which I never ended up getting a good one of them all looking. haha A+ for effort though.

We were so blessed this year. Again, like always, the Lord was so good to us! We made it through another year healthy (Thank you, Lord!) and accomplished a lot. This year I hope to share even more good things and all the exciting times! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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