Danielle’s Coffee Bar Before and After

Before I start the post, I want to clearly say that I am not a decorator or even creative (that gene was passed onto the other four sisters). All you need to remember is that the best part of doing a project is that it’s yours at the end.

When I purchased the dresser at a yard sale last summer, I had every intention of redoing it and selling it for some extra cash. Once I started though, my mind wasn’t able to grasp that I was going to put hours into this dresser and then turn around and some person was going to offer me $100. I decided to makeover the dresser the exact way that I wanted to make it. That way if at some point I tried to sell it and couldn’t, I still liked it enough to keep it.

After the makeover, it fit my room theme so much that I fell in love with it. So, here was redoing a dresser that I had no need of at all. I haven’t had a dresser for over 4 years and still have no need for it (I have a closet that’s 3 feet wide that holds every piece of clothing that I own). LOL

Dresser Project:

I purchased the dresser at a yard sale last summer for $5. The wood alone was worth that much. The dresser is solid oak and my little RAV4 hauled that thing home.

My first step was to strip the paint. I had never done this step before in anything. This step had to be the most time consuming for me. Once the paint was off, I decided on the color.

Obviously painting is the best part because you can see the difference as you go. Once I reached the painting process, I finished pretty quickly because the excitement level was high.

After the paint dried, I placed the dresser in my room. I hadn’t decided on handles yet. Funny story. I didn’t like the handles that were originally on the dresser, so I took them off and put them in the bucket with trash. I had every intention of doing something else. That idea fell through after I realized that the screw width for the handles wasn’t standard, so I couldn’t find handles that were small enough for the dresser. I finally came across the idea of ropes and liked it. For a couple of weeks, I had received some extra money from my job, and I used one week’s worth to buy the handles for my dresser.

Keep scrolling to see the after project.


One funny thing about my room. I have always loved lemon stuff, travel, and blues. Suddenly, all of the decor is based off of these exact things so my room is in style.

One tip I learned. Your wall art can bring the entire room together.

My style has been very crazy over the last few years that it makes me laugh. Two years ago I had a flag that almost covered the entire wall up, but still had atlas and lemon stuff. All I can say is, if you are confident and love what you have created, don’t worry about what others are pinning on Pinterest. Your style is your style.

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