Keeping the Chaos Organized

I haven’t been a mom for very long, but it didn’t take me long to find out how hard it is to stay organized. AnnaLynn is six months old, and she is already is nine month clothing! So she flew through newborns, barely had time for zero to three months and didn’t last long in the three to six months! She has been hard to keep up with, in the clothes department. As you already know, we live in a very small apartment, so organization is KEY to maintaining a clean home. I am not claiming to be an expert in this department yet, however I do have a few quick tips for keeping your kids clothes organized!

  1. Have a dresser! I am surprised at how many people are “doing away” with dressers and replacing them with shelves, tubs, etc. A dresser is definitely the best way to go with your child’s clothing. Open face shelving is hard to maintain and let’s be honest, nobody has time to maintain open faced clothing storage. You may for awhile, but the newness will wear off and you will have a mess on your hands before long.
  2. Purge! Do not keep things that are stained, torn or you do not like and KNOW that you will never wear on your child!
  3. Organize by pieces not outfits. Now this…is more of a preference. I know a lot of moms like the outfits together, so you’re not looking for missing pieces. Most of the time I mix and match clothing and if it is organized, I will be able to find what I need right away without looking too long.
  4. Have an “outgrown” spot. This is KEY! If you put something on your child or notice halfway through the day that it is too small. DO NOT put it back in their drawers, and tell yourself you’ll take care of it later. Place outgrown articles of clothing, in the “outgrown” bin, basket, or tub that you have tucked away. When you go to switch sizes out, you don’t have to filter through things you know don’t fit!
  5. Store all clothing in airtight weather proof containers. I have heard stories of clothes being ruined just because of how clothes were stored. It is very easy for animals, water and dirt to penetrate through bags and cardboard boxes. Plastic storage tubs are definitely the way to go.
  6. This last one is pretty obvious and I doubt anyone doesn’t label, but ALWAYS label the size of clothing on the bin. Worried about ruining bins with permanent marker? Nail polish remover will quickly remove permanent marker and make any bin usable for other storage.

I hope these simple steps will help keep your kid’s rooms and your life more organized!

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