Scaling Down: 5 Ways to Slim Down

Ever see THAT number on the scale that you thought you’d never see?  I’m THERE!

So, time to do something about it!

I Corinthians 9:25-27 says, if you want the prize – you need a plan.  If you or I don’t have a plan of action, we will find ourselves in the same place in 2019 – who wants that!


  1. Food:

Keep a Food Log – if you eat it, write it down.

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Keep it Clean!  Eat as much clean food as possible.  I know it’s hard.  We live in a society were we live to eat.  Again, eat clean as much as possible.

2.  Water!  I want to drink a gallon of water a day!

It has many benefits for your body.  Number one in my book weight loss!  Take the water challenge!  I love drinking water out of quart jar, because I know I need to drink 4 of those a day.

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I try to drink 2 in the morning (After COFFEE!), one at lunch, and then one before 6:00 PM.  I like to sleep through the night.

3.  Sleep!  7-8 hours a night.  Your body needs it!

4.  Snacks

Favorite Clean Snack:

Apple or Banana with natural Peanut Butter! YUM!


5.  Exercise  Find an activity you enjoy and start doing it.  Walking, running, gym, a challenge, etc. . .

If you love it, you will do it!  Get moving!


Go through this journey with me!

Let me know how your journey is going!

Do something different in 2017!


3 thoughts on “Scaling Down: 5 Ways to Slim Down”

    1. I try so hard but Galen eats all the time and loses weight . I hardly eat and can’t lose. Does you church have a weight lost program.

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