Beautiful Bedroom Redo

Finished! I love the sound of that word. I can’t wait to show you all the beautiful thing I put in our master bedroom. We have been enjoying our bedroom.

Before the painting and decorating

What a fun project. Here are some tips when you are decorating a master bedroom.

  1. Lighting – Have different light sources in your room. I have 4 lamps, 2 ceiling lights, and a string of lights on the curtains. Oh, and a few candles!

2. Texture – I incorporated burlap, ruffles, wood, black iron – it all works and makes the room interesting!

3. Pillows – Pillows add depth to a flat surface. They also say, “comfort”. Add pillows to benches, beds, chairs, or floor. Wherever you need a little something. They also draw attention to that area.

4. Personal Touches – Add pictures of the family, something you made, or just something that is special to you.

Ken made these shelves with some boards we already had and we stained them. I added pictures and d├ęcor.

5. Greenery and Flowers – Bringing the outdoors in, will perk up a room real quick. Don’t forget them. If you can’t quite figure out what is not right in a room, check to see if you have greens and a pop of flowers here and there.

Your bedroom should be a place you enjoy – love it!

Check out the makeover!

Have a great day!!


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