Money Saving Challenge

Saving $1,000 This Year!

We all like the thought of saving money.  Doing it is another thing.  It’s hard work.  It means giving up things that we want in the NOW.  It is time to look at the bigger picture.  Start looking and planning ahead.  There are many ways to save money this year.

  • Giving up cable
  • Forgoing the coffee shop
  • Start a savings account
  • Couponing
  • Shopping only sale items                                                           
  • Being on a budget
  • Shopping at thrift stores

And the list goes on.

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Download the easy savings plan now and start saving for that big item you want.

I started this little savings game at the beginning of the year.  I love it.  Just a few dollars out of the paycheck a week.  By the same time next year, you could have saved a $1,000!  Who couldn’t use that kind of money? 

With a $1,000 in an envelope or piggy bank you could:

     And the list goes on.

The sky is the limit!  Start this money challenge today.  You can find the extra cash in your budget.

Happy Saving,



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