Confined to Redefine

Yes, we are all confined! Let’s not let this be a negative in our lives. There are so many things to do in our homes and in our minds. This time is a defining part in our lives. Do we really need some of those relationships we thought where so important? No. Do we really need some of those activities that run our schedules? No. Do my kids really need some more of my attention? Yes. Does my house need a little bit more organization or cleaning? Yes. Does my husband need me a little more? Yes. Does the spiritual side of my life need a little help? Yes. Yes. Yes.

Take this time in life to evaluate those areas that need attention. When this is all over, how are we going to handle things differently?

Here are 10 things to redefine right now during this social distancing so that we have great benefits long after this period in time is ended.

  • Evaluate your walk with the Lord
  • Assess the status of your relationships – Husband, Children, Parents, boss, co-workers, etc. . .
  • Set up a time for inspiration. Think about things, ideas, goals, or ideals.
  • READ! Reading has gone by the wayside in our society. Have a goal to read a book during this time.
  • Eliminate items in your home that are unnecessary, unuseful, or unattractive. Only have items in your home that you love!
  • Set up a pantry of food items and personal products that would sustain you through a crisis. aka: toilet paper & disinfectants
  • Have fun. It’s all in your attitude! Get out and go for a walk, start a puzzle, finish that project that has been sitting there, or make a new recipe. Yum!
  • Clean. We all have a junk drawer or cabinet that needs attention. That’s a job that would only take a few minutes to accomplish. Then there are other areas (Attics & Basements) that will require a little more. This is a perfect time in our area because we have “garbage days” coming up. You put whatever junk you don’t want out by the street and our city will pick it up for FREE! Start cleaning!
  • Learn a new subject online. Applying makeup, painting, blogging, redoing furniture, etc. . . The sky is the limit and so are our interests.
  • Write an encouraging note or text to someone who needs it. We all need to be sensitive to people’s needs during this time. Give a little bit of yourself to others!

We pray that this time will go quickly and I’m not going to say, “back to normal” because we do need to rethink and push the reset button in some of the areas in our lives.

Praying for our Country,


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